What is Serum?

The foundation upon which cell culture science is built.

Serum, which is the processed and sterile-filtered “food” substance used to support in-vitro cell growth in biomedical research and manufacturing, starts out as a by-product of the beef industry that would otherwise go to landfill.

Close-up of a woman smiling and wearing gloves while administering a shot into a young boy's arm. The boy is smiling at the woman.

This amazing substance grows cells, providing amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hormones, and growth factors in a magic blend that supports life. Serum continues to be instrumental in the discovery and implementation of groundbreaking human and animal vaccines and disease treatments.

Computer-illustrated graphic of a woman wearing a lab coat, standing outside of a cold storage room where bottles of serum are stored.

Sera are primarily used in the development and production of:

  • vaccines
  • diagnostic tests
  • stem cell research
  • cell therapies
  • therapeutic biologics
Jill Judd smiling at the camera, after receiving a medical procedure. There is a tube taped to the side of her neck, and her head is shaved.

Axenia BioLogix takes the impact of serum personally

The Judd Family’s involvement with the global manufacturing, traceability, and distribution of sera is in no way superficial or wholly commercial. It has deeply impacted their personal lives. Jill, Axenia’s Quality Director, co-owner and Stephen’s wife of more than 30 years, was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis in her mid-forties. In 2017, Jill traveled to Moscow, Russia for an autologous hematopoetic stem cell transplant (AHSCT) in order to reset her immune system; she remains MS-free to date. Together, the couple has become living, breathing advocates for the cure of autoimmune-related maladies in place of costly and variably effective treatments.

“Dr. Denis Fedorenko’s program at the AA Maximov hospital is the best center for HSCT in the world,” says Stephen. “HSCT does not ensure that Jill will never suffer an autoimmune disease again, but it did renew her immune system and add years of active life for someone who faced a very bleak and heavily medicated decline. Jill is my hero and my best friend.”

For more information on why you should make Axenia Biologix sera your choice, go here. And learn more about the industry itself, along with the guidelines set down by the ISIA.