Turnkey, Vertical Solutions That Deliver Just What You Need

Axenia BioLogix delivers full-spectrum sera and media solutions for biomedical research and manufacturing applications.

Based in Dixon, CA, our earth-friendly, state-of-the-science manufacturing facility supports an innovative, flexible and validated all-new materials format for custom production of sera, media, and other supplements/reagents used in the cell culture environment. With a full range of vertically stacked service capabilities, ranging from raw material logistics to finished product distribution, our customers are free to select those services that best fit their business needs, evolving as their business develops and grows.

Axenia BioLogix’s service excellence is predicated upon:

  • partnership and communication
  • quality and detailed documentation
  • confidentiality and material transfer agreements
  • turnkey operations and effective cost control
  • flexible scaling, scheduling and rapid turnaround
  • product warehousing, custom packaging and JIT delivery options


Looking to elevate your brand? We want to help.


Wondering how to source premium quality raw material? Let us show you.


Aiming to outperform the competition? We’re listening!


Your product can look magnificent, and travel safely.


Our global network makes for smooth sailing.


Our frozen storage facilities check all the right boxes.


By land, sea, and air we offer full-service fulfillment options.

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Our team is comprised of experts who abide by the highest standards set by the ISIA and the serum industry worldwide.