We Leave Nothing to Chance

When bringing raw or finished product into the country, Axenia BioLogix takes no risks.

Animal products imported into the U.S. require containment in a USDA-authorized quarantine facility, isolating it until it is released by the government for safe distribution. During this process, serum samples are collected by the USDA (APHIS, VS) and tested for biological safety by the National Veterinary Safety Laboratory in Ames, IA according to protocols established by the Code of Federal Regulations.

A male Axenia employee opening the large sliding door to the cold storage

At Axenia BioLogix we are always ready for surprise as well as scheduled inspections. We are committed to fulfilling an extensive list of requirements to retain our authorization, ensuring the proper identification, traceability and segregation of serum for U.S. and foreign government notification and documentation.

We use the example of one of our life science customers who sources raw serum from overseas, completes manufacturing there and then ships the final product here to the U.S. This executive client (Mr. P) needed assistance and guidance to move his product swiftly and transparently through the import process. Working with us, Mr. P gained valuable experience in the serum arena and learned the importance of following a validated process for manufacturing sera — Axenia BioLogix guided him all along the way.

Mr. P also needed storage, distribution and other services, and we were able to provide exactly what he needed after his product exited quarantine. The result is a knowledgeable customer achieving his productivity goals, and as important, a newer contributing member to the ISIA.

Once our products pass through meticulous quarantine timetables and procedures, we can offer your clients everything from custom-labeling to shipping using their choice of courier.