Stephen Judd

Dedicated to Excellence

Biomedical research scientist Stephen Judd represents a unique kind of entrepreneur. Having spent 25 years in business development, product management and strategic planning within both start-up and large corporate environments, the Axenia Biologix founder used his extensive knowledge to establish a Dixon, CA-based contract manufacturer for cell culture sera and reagents in 2009.

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Close-up of a work station, where a person with gloved hands is working with a pipette and pipette tray. A large bottle of reddish-pink liquid is off to the side, and the same liquid is in all the containers of the pipette tray.

Raising the bar

Not satisfied with the way some manufacturers were failing to disclose what their products contained or their geographic origins, Judd was instrumental in helping to form the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA), raising the bar on FBS manufacturing transparency and disclosure worldwide. ISIA Chairman-elect, Judd partners with others to continue the development of the association’s stakeholder value.

Stephen Judd sets a standard for our industry. He is thoughtful, pragmatic, and straightforward without being reactionary. His skill set is so broad, yet he can easily articulate and translate experience from one field into another. Judd and his team offer an excellent quality product with assurances of state-of-the-art manufacturing, storage, and distribution.

– Industry Expert and Axenia Colleague

Changing the trajectory of the FBS industry

Judd’s determination to do things the right way, paired with his creative problem-solving capabilities, and well-honed communication and analytical skills draws respect from his peers, while making the entire serum industry sit up and pay attention, one new contract at a time. He prides himself in successfully liaising cross-functional teams toward common-sense solutions. Family-owned and operated from the start, Axenia Biologix differentiates itself from other FBS manufacturers by having introduced single-use disposable manufacturing technology to create a 100% cold-chain, closed-loop system–no old, cross contamination-prone stainless steel production tanks that require routine cleaning with toxic chemicals. The result is sera that surpasses all others for purity and yield — a combo that is making Axenia Biologix a technology leader.


With nearly 3 decades bridging biotechnology and business enterprise, Judd is…

Side profile of Stephen Judd wearing a light gray suit, with his arms folded. He is smiling and looking up.
  • Customer-focused to a fault. Follow-through is his middle name
  • An educator, motivated to share his broad knowledge with clients to elevate their brand
  • ISIA Chairman-elect
  • Chair of ISIA’s Committee for Serum Industry Standardization and Harmonization
  • An inventor behind the use of emu oil as an insect repellent and developer of canine DNA genotyping for pedigree verification
  • A research scientist, microbiology professor, patented inventor and entrepreneur

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Stephen Judd has the kind of knowledge that enables us to strategize. His role of leadership within the ISIA, his commitment to customer service, his rapt attention to USDA quarantine certification, and his knowledge of the market make him an indispensable partner.

– CFO and Axenia Customer

Stephen cares about everything that touches the sera produced by Axenia BioLogix, including leaving the smallest ecological footprint behind. Our vertically stacked services offer a wealth of options.