Our Team

The team at Axenia Biologix lives and works under cultural values of integrity, product excellence, continuous evolution and customer centricity.

We are committed to providing a truly exceptional customer experience, whether dealing with contract accounts or individual users of our products. Our team is dedicated to delivering long-term collaborative partnerships while working with our life science customers to elaborate best-in-class cell culture products that propel them to achieve their research and production objectives.

Headshot portrait of Stephen Judd smiling at the camera

Stephen Judd | CEO

“Tell us about what you seek…and let our service delight you.”

We have built Axenia BioLogix into a comprehensive vertical stack of turnkey services for the worldwide cell culture industry. To properly partner with our customers and address their needs, I leverage every tool on the workbench: research microbiologist, life science professor, patented inventor, business development executive, entrepreneur–every facet of personal and professional experience. This approach has culminated in a team-driven service model based on operational agility and personal touch. The services Axenia provides for any of our partners are defined by each customer based upon their precise business/product needs.

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Headshot portrait of Jill Judd smiling at the camera

Jill Judd | Quality Director

“I’d like to show you how good Quality can be.”

As Owner and Quality Director of Axenia BioLogix, I personally oversee nearly every aspect of our operations. My team ensures that our Quality Systems are compliant with the best practices in the serum industry. We receive numerous audits every year from the companies that do business with our customers. As Axenia’s principal advocate for continuous evolution, I am always open to auditor input. The end-users we usher through our processes range from multinational biopharmaceutical companies to government and educational research institutions. Axenia produces comprehensive custom manufacturing reports and Certificates of Analysis for every lot we produce–not simply a folder of collected bench papers and test results. We safeguard your products and processes to minimize business risk and maintain your confidentiality.

Here is an example of our custom manufacturing report.

Headshot portrait of Caity Judd smiling at the camera

Caity Judd | Office Manager

“Let’s chat about what Axenia can do for you.”

Representing Customer Service in a tightly controlled, family-operated business, I command an unusual degree of influence within Axenia BioLogix to shape our business and our customer’s experience. Our customer-centric team brings forth a wealth of backgrounds, from front-desk resort hotel hospitality to veterinary assistance. I pride myself in being an active listener and fervent advocate for my customer’s needs.

Steve —tell your team thanks again for all their efforts! I know it gets crazy at the end of a quarter and we really appreciate all they do to get all the orders out on time and safely. We love having you guys as partners!

– Mr. B

Headshot portrait of Joe, a Logistics Lead at Axenia Biologix

Joseph | Logistics Lead

“Come see what we have to offer: I’m sure we can assist.”

I see myself as the master puppeteer of material movement at Axenia Biologix. My military experience ensures that my team and I do things correctly–as straight as an arrow. You require confidence in the safekeeping of your material. Whether it is packing, stowing, quarantine compliance or fulfillment across the world, our focus is to give you the peace of mind and ease of operation. This is accomplished through active cooperation and an exhaustive system of checks, re-checks and balances.

Headshot portrait of Thomas, the Document Control and Regulatory Lead at Axenia Biologix

Thomas | Document Control & Regulatory Lead

“Trust us to properly guide your product through this complicated world.”

The role of Regulatory Liaison at Axenia BioLogix keeps me acutely attuned to the global biotechnology environment. We bring our relationships and integrity to ensure the achievement of our customer’s expectations with respect to import/export support, USDA safety testing, product traceability and quality documentation. Operating dual USDA-authorized quarantine facilities, we are well-placed to tackle the challenges presented by international commerce.

Headshot portrait of Lindsay, the Production Lead at Axenia Biologix

Lindsay | Production Lead

“I hope you’ll come to us; I’m confident that we can help build your future.”

Leading Manufacturing Services for Axenia BioLogix means I carry the torch for ensuring product excellence in every aspect of our operation. From 100% cold-chain material handling to boxed, finished product presentation, our team strives to deliver the product that you envision. The quality and innovation Axenia brings is unparalleled in the industry.

Your team is exceptional in professionalism and production of high quality product. I was so impressed with your site and have always appreciated your outstanding customer service and attention to detail.

– Ms. S

Being a steward of the earth as well as the sera process is no accident. Read about our green practices as well as our company philosophy.