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Taking serum industry ethics to a new level

Each realm of the biomedical field that deals in the health and welfare of others, whether animal or human, needs to be held to a certain standard of ethics so that assurances can be made as to what is being used is traceable, transparent, and pure. Lives do, after all, depend on it.

The International Serum Industry Association (ISIA) holds serum collectors, manufacturers and distributors to a standard that ensures best practices amongst these providers. For companies selling animal-derived sera, earning ISIA certification demonstrates to their customers a higher level of commitment to providing highly traceable materials. This means providing products that hide no secrets. It speaks to a company’s public profile as well as its systemic ethos.

The ISIA has made tremendous gains in legitimizing and harmonizing the global serum industry. I am a firm believer in the mission of our association and an evangelist for its place in this world.

– Stephen Judd

Establishing standards that brand you

Becoming ISIA certified is no small feat. The process requires an extensive independent audit of facilities and records, vertically incompassing both suppliers and end-users. This investment makes an important statement about a company’s mindset, making sure customers are well-supplied with confidence about the geographic origin and complete traceability of all serum products. It’s important to know where this vital material comes from.

The ISIA Traceability Certification means distributors and–in turn–end users, can be confident that they are getting what they pay for.

Axenia Biologix founder actively leads the way for the ISIA and its future

Our founder and CEO Stephen Judd played a key role in getting the ISIA incorporated in 2006. He went on to serve as its Treasurer and CFO since that time, working with a core team of officers and elected board members to organize and present an annual meeting located in a different international venue every year.

Elected to the ISIA Board of Directors in 2014, Stephen has chaired various strategic development and ad hoc committees. His personal mission is to propel the Association forward, continuing to represent the ISIA with regulators and trade organizations alike. Stephen takes pride in the fact that the ISIA is on the forefront of making tremendous gains in legitimizing and harmonizing the global serum industry. The Association accomplishes this by establishing carefully curated relationships with regulatory bodies and other industry influencers around the globe. Stephen was most recently elected to Chair the Association’s Board of Directors beginning in 2019.

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The work continues

The ISIA continues to champion the Traceability Certification Program, promoting ethical behavior by all involved, as well as providing increasing comfort of maximal risk management. With the addition of state-of-the-art origin verification testing in partnership with Oritain Global Ltd., ISIA strives to continuously improve the understanding and credibility of this dynamic industry and serve all of its supporting members, customers, and regulators with pride and integrity.

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To learn more about the ISIA’s perspective and its traceability certification, you might like this document written by the CEO of the ISIA, Dr. Rosemary Versteegen. Serum: A Better Characterized Biological.

A wealth of resources can be found in the publications area of the ISIA website. Topics covered include: the history of serum, gamma irradiation, animal welfare and ethics, risk management, geography, and important questions to ask your FBS supplier. Visit

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