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Built on science and fueled by passion, Axenia BioLogix manufactures superior quality sera (with nearly 100% yield). We provide bioprocessing services to life science customers in both the research and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

We are customer–focused, pragmatic, strategic and dependable. And we make promises we can keep.

From the first phone–call, to dialing in our unique specs, to producing and delivering product with our branded labels, Axenia BioLogix gave me exactly what I had been looking for — consistently high yields at a competitive price, process transparency and product traceability. I have received solid personal service and a welcome education in navigating this industry, and that custom manufacturing report in my hand speaks volumes about the ethics and the expertise behind this company.

– Director and Axenia Customer

Increase your competitive edge and lower your risk with a superior and fully traceable product.

Over the past two decades alongside progressive industry peers, Axenia BioLogix has worked tirelessly for transparency in the serum industry. Our CEO co-launched the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA) to standardize procedures, and the ISIA now provides a traceability certification program that establishes the identity and proves the purity of serum products. Learn more about our efforts to harmonize and elevate the industry we care so much about.

Helping you navigate the manufacturing process and the serum market the right way.

What exactly IS serum? What does quality mean and how does it impact your customers? Where is this industry going and what do you need to know to be ahead of the pack? We know you are looking for solutions that drive your brand, and we can help.

Computer-illustrated graphic of axenia serum bottles on a conveyor belt and going into a box for shipment.

“I found a unique process and partner in Axenia BioLogix — a place where the leadership shares my goal of making a superior product that makes a difference. I thrive on proving to customers not only the quality, but also the integrity of our serum supply chain. I can assure my customers in research, academics and biopharma that the serum they purchase will act the same no matter where the raw material was sourced, whether the first or last bottle of the lot. I am also proud to claim that our serum is traceability–certified through the International Serum Industry Association.

Our world-wide community has a right to know the details of the source of material contained in various preventions and treatments. Axenia BioLogix is customer-focused and mission-oriented, and I believe its product, process, and the company’s dedication to excellence remain unmatched.”

– VP of Operations and Axenia Customer

Your bioprocessing partner for life.

Axenia BioLogix maintains an holistic approach to business. We are dedicated to raising industry standards, viewing serum as pivotal to our past, crucial to our future and deserving of our respect. Our business values partnership, predicated upon open and honest communication with you.

With every new customer, we are one step closer to standardizing the serum industry. To our founder and CEO, distinguished bench–scientist Stephen Judd, everything is connected; from the tiniest cells feeding on our pure and clear serum, to the lives we can impact through the preventions and cures that are developed, to the earth and the humans who will inherit the fruits of our labor.

Producing the highest quality serum with the best yields, leading a revolution for transparency in the industry — that’s the legacy Axenia BioLogix grows every day.